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What Were The Jobs In Ancient China?

Welcome to Ancient China, a land of rich history, stunning architecture, and bustling cities. The people in the many provinces of China were known for their hard work and dedication, as they strived to create a better life for themselves and their families. Let’s take a look at six fascinating jobs that were common in ancient China.

#1 Farmer – Tending the Land

Farming was a crucial occupation in ancient China, with most people living in rural areas and relying on agriculture for their livelihood. Farmers were responsible for planting, harvesting, and caring for crops like rice, wheat, and millet. They also raised livestock like pigs, chickens, and cattle. Although it was tough work, the rewards were great, as a bountiful harvest meant prosperity for the family.

#2 Silk Weaver – Creating Beautiful Fabrics

Silk weaving was an important industry in ancient China, with beautiful fabrics being in high demand. Silk weavers were highly skilled artisans who created intricate designs and patterns on silk fabrics using a loom. They often worked in small workshops or at home, with the entire family pitching in to complete orders. The finished products were prized for their beauty and quality, and were often used to make clothing for the wealthy.

#3 Imperial Civil Servant – Serving the Emperor

Imperial civil servants were government officials who worked for the Emperor. They were responsible for managing the affairs of the state, collecting taxes, and ensuring that the laws were followed. To become a civil servant, one had to pass a rigorous examination that tested their knowledge of the Confucian classics. Those who passed the exam were rewarded with a prestigious position in the government and the chance to serve their country.

#4 Artisan – Crafting Beautiful Objects

Artisans were skilled craftsmen who created beautiful objects like pottery, porcelain, jade carvings, and bronze vessels. They often worked in small workshops or at home, using traditional techniques that had been passed down through the generations. Their creations were highly valued and were often used to decorate the homes of the wealthy.

#5 Trader – Buying and Selling Goods

Traders were merchants who bought and sold goods like spices, tea, silk, and ceramics. They traveled long distances along the Silk Road, the ancient trade route that connected China to the Middle East and Europe. Traders were skilled negotiators and had to be able to speak several languages to communicate with people from different cultures. 

#6 Soldier – Protecting the Empire

Soldiers were responsible for protecting the empire from invaders and maintaining order within the country. They were highly trained and skilled in the art of warfare, and were often required to be away from home for long periods of time. While the life of a soldier was tough, it was above all respected, as they were seen as brave defenders of the empire.

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