Teach English in Dongguan – Updated 2023

If living in one of the Tier-1 “mega-cities” is not for you, but you still want to enjoy city life, then opting to teach English in a Tier 2 city such as Dongguan could be appealing. With a population of just over 8 million, Dongguan is quite a lot smaller than its Guangdong neighbors Shenzhen and Guangzhou. However, it is still a large, sprawling city with much to offer. 

Importantly for many teachers, the cost of living in a Tier 2 city such as Dongguan or Foshan is significantly less than in their Tier 1 counterparts. If your main motivation for applying for a TEFL job in China is to save money then these cities should be considered. We are especially keen to talk to teachers who can begin their career in Foshan by September 2023

People who live in Dongguan also enjoy the benefits of a city that seamlessly blends a modern metropolis with sites of historical significance. Indeed, attractions such as the “Opium Wars” museum and Keyuan Garden are incredibly popular among locals and tourists alike. The local government has invested heavily in making the city more attractive to tourists, which has in turn improved the day to day lives of the foreigners who live there. 

The city itself is nestled in between Shenzhen and Guangzhou meaning that travel to either is relatively easy. The city is well linked to the rest of China via the incredible high speed rail network. As an added bonus, the high speed train to Hong Kong rolls through here often meaning that its attractions are no more than an hour away. 

Job Description

Kindergarten and Public school positions are open for application all year. Start dates are flexible. Ideally you would be in place for the beginning of the school semester in either September or February. However, we know that this is not always possible and we will always try our best to accommodate you with deferred start-dates. 

Applicants must meet the criteria for the Z-Visa, which is a requirement of the Chinese government. The salary on offer is up to ¥22,000 per month (including housing allowance), while you will also avail of almost three months holiday each year!  Check out how this compares to how much teachers get paid in other Western countries.

Teaching in the public school system is often more relaxed than in international schools or training centers. You will only be expected to teach a maximum of 18 forty minute lessons each week, and often you will not be required to adhere to any office hours. You will also receive ongoing teacher training, Mandarin lessons and the employer organizes regular social events for their teachers.

A member of staff will also meet you at the airport and introduce you to the city.  They will also help you with opening a bank account, getting a Chinese SIM card and any other administrative tasks that there may be. 

Apply to Teach English in Dongguan

If you are interested in finding out more about teaching in Dongguan or applying for the position please firstly check that you are eligible for a teaching Visa. If you meet the criteria, please email your resume to tom@esljobcenter.com, specifying your preferred location in China – you can list more than one option if you wish. 

We will review your resume and set up an interview with the employer. Following a successful interview, most candidates will have their visa approved within weeks and be ready to begin their exciting new chapter in China in less than two months!

Tom Bogues

Tom is the Director of ESL Job Center. He has been working in the TEFL industry in one form or another since 2016 and is now using that experience to match quality teachers with quality schools across China.